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My Consulting and Therapy Practice August 3, 2018

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I am a Marriage and Family Therapist, licensed in California (MFC# 34901) doing therapy and consulting in private practice in the Santa Cruz mountains. I often do in-person, telephone, or video ad hoc consulting for therapists and other professionals in the educational or professional fields, mentors, or managers of new paradigm companies or spiritual or alternative communities who want to explore their client or community issues with regard to ethics (See my book The Ethics of Caring) in work with profound states of consciousness, kundalini, spiritual emergence(y), grief, addiction and trauma recovery. I enjoy working with people who are making a contribution to the lives of others. I work as a consultant through online video conferencing tools, phone or in-person.

My Work with Clients

I intentionally work part-time, with a limited number of therapy or consulting clients, because I have writing, publishing, management, and other work I do also, but I do want to make myself available to those clients who are experiencing spiritual emergence in some particular way, especially ones who are encountering kundalini phenomena or doing regular work in extraordinary states of conscious, since I feel particularly qualified to be of some help in these areas.

My Approach and Background

When I was a CA Marriage and Family Therapist Intern, my supervisor, Deane Brown, then director of the Spiritual Emergence Network (SEN), used to say, “listening is highly underrated.” I believe that to be so, and that it can be transformative to have a good listener available, one who understands, can pay attention, and is not afraid of deep states and unusual experiences.

I use gestalt therapy often, but have studied many therapeutic approaches–cognitive, family systems, family business therapy, transpersonal, existential, art or writing processes, etc. I  work with individuals to find what seems to fit best for them.

I have had quite a bit of experience sitting with people who were having deep experiences in elective extraordinary states of consciousness (e.g., breathwork) and helping with the integration of these experiences into more conscious living. I believe extraordinary states of consciousness inform our lives in ordinary states and what we process in ordinary states of consciousness (e.g., talk therapy) informs ongoing work in extraordinary states. I have many years’ experience counseling in substance abuse recovery and trauma recovery as well.

My Availability

In some respects I am usually quite available to the local therapy clients with whom I commit to work.  I have considerable flexibility in scheduling sessions and usually can do so quickly as needed. On the other hand, I do go out of town for consulting work or vacations. I am usually not gone more than two weeks at a time, but occasionally my absence is for longer periods. I would not be a good choice of therapist for someone who needs a high degree of regularity in scheduling sessions. In most cases, I will usually be able to give clients at least one week’s notice before going out of town, and, if I am unable to return emails while away, I will provide clients with other therapists to contact in the case of an emergency. In the case of an immediate emergency need, my clients are instructed to call 911.

Email me (this is the best way to contact me)

PayPal Payment Option

The PayPal buttons below provide the option of using PayPal (or your credit card through PayPal) to pay for therapy or consulting with Kylea Taylor.

Please be sure you have contacted Kylea and that she has scheduled a session with you before using this button, as it is difficult and time consuming to go through a refund process.

If an appointment has to be cancelled and notification is made to Kylea more than 24 hours previous to the appointment, the payment will be held and applied to a future session if you reschedule. If the appointment is cancelled less that 24 hours before the scheduled session, the payment will be applied to pay for that missed session. Please email Kylea to let her know when you have made a PayPal payment for the session you have already scheduled with her.

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