The Ethics of Caring

Kylea Taylor’s book The Ethics of Caring: Finding Professional Right Relationship with Clients was published November 1, 2017. It received the Silver Medal book award from Nautilus Book Awards in the category “Relationships and Communication.”

This book is written for students and practicing professionals: therapists, educators, medical professionals, hypnotherapists, bodyworkers, hospice workers, clergy and other professional caregivers.

Ethical issues pertain to longings, feelings, and motivations which resonate at our very core. Our drives toward (and away from) money, sexuality, power, love, truth, inspiration, and oneness are the most powerful forces in our lives. How can we expect that these drives will not arise in one way or another in our relationships with clients? When we engage in self-discovery to know better our own motivations, we reduce client harm and increase client benefit.

The work with non-ordinary states of consciousness brings specific new challenges and problems that go beyond those encountered in traditional verbal and experiential approaches. Kylea Taylor’s book is a pioneering venture into these new territories, providing important guidelines for practitioners and students.

~ Stanislav Grof, M.D., author of Psychology of the Future, The Ultimate Journey, Realms of the Human Unconscious, and The Adventure of Self Discovery

I want to highly recommend Kylea’s book, The Ethics of Caring. It is truly in a class by itself in the literature on ethics in therapy. I’ve read many books in this area and have been on a Board responsible for reviewing and approving the code of ethics for a large professional association, the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapists (AAMFT), and, to my knowledge, Kylea’s book is unique in the field. It combines the rigors of professionalism with a deep and complex understanding of the human heart, soul, and mind. It really is an important book. If you are a professor or teacher you might want to consider it as required reading.

~ Sara Wright, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Board Member, American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT), Past-President, Minnesota Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (MAMFT).

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— Claire Nana / PsychCentral Reviews

“Caring is a universal force that compels healers all of kinds, from therapists to bodyworkers. Yet, as much as we are all drawn to the desire to help, really helping someone depends not just on desire, but on truly understanding the ethics of caring.

In her new book, The Ethics of Caring: Finding Professional Right Relationship with Clients for Practicing Professionals, Students, Teachers & Mentors, Kylea Taylor illuminates just what is necessary to offer an authentic relationship where genuine transformation can occur, and to utilize the tremendous power of shared energy — felt in transference and counter-transference — to invoke powerful change.

“These intense shared experiences that arise for many clients in the context of a professional healing relationship can bring to the surface compelling, and often unconscious, fears, needs, and longings in both the client and the professional.”

It is precisely through exploring these deeper ends of the spectrum of human experience that profound healing and transformation occurs, and within which, according to Taylor, a broader range of human experience and expression can be found.” Read more / Download PDF

— Gunnel Minett / The Neuropsychotherapist

“This is the third edition of a book that was first published in 1995. Over the years it has been included in training programs throughout the world and become an essential tool in training practitioners of all healing professions. Much has happened in this field since then. This version has been updated and adjusted to meet the needs of practitioners today, but the focus is still to describe the right relationship between therapist and client. This includes ethical values as well as vulnerabilities.

With her many years of personal experience of holotropic breathwork, Kylea Taylor has the experience and wisdom needed to write this thorough and important guide. Her wisdom shines through on every page and makes the book an essential aid in introducing the safety regulations that are so necessary in the healing professions.”  Read More / Download PDF

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EOC in Spanish

La etica de los cuidados profesionales

La etica de los cuidados profesionales es un reciente libro para sanadores, clerigos, terpeutas y fisiotherapeutas, extraordinariamente util e innovador, que deja claro que es necesario ofrecer a los clientes vinculos sensatos y dignos de confianza. Ilustra en detalle y con ejemplos vias para comprender y profundizar en la bellexa de la propria integridad como profesional del la sanacion. Tradicionalmente, este estudio se llamo etica, pero dad el tono moralista y de pecado que a menudo adquirio la palabra, Kylea basa su trabajo en el principio espiritual de reverencia por la vida que subyace en todas las grandes religiones y sistemas de sanacion del mundo.

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El libro de Kylea Taylor es pionero en estos nuevos territorios, proporcionando pautas importantes para los profesionales y los estudiantes.

~Stanislav Grof, M.D., autor de Psiodologia del futuro, El ultimo viaje, Reinos del inconsciente humano, y La aventura del autodescubrimiento.

La etica de los cuidados profesionales es un reciente libro extraordinariamente util e innovado para sanadores, sacerdotes, terapeutas y terapeutas corporales que arroja luz sobre lo que es necesario para proporcionar a los clients una relacion fiel y prudente….Brindo a Kylea mi gratitude y mis felicitaciones. Su trabajo puede aportar amparo, comprehension y bendiciones compasivas a todos los que guian y sanan.

~Jack Kornfield, Ph.D., autor de Camino con corazon y Despues del extasis, la colada.

[The basic ethics model was published in 1995 in Taylor’s book, The Ethics of Caring: Honoring the Web of Life in Our Professional Healing Relationship. This new book has a new ISBN: 978-1-59275-008-5. It was also published in Kindle format with the ISBN: 978-1-59275-041-2. This new edition has been rewritten, reorganized, and expanded by 80+ pages.] An audio book is in development,

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