Kylea Taylor, M.S., LMFT (CA MFC #34901) developed and now teaches InnerEthics®, a self-reflective, self-compassionate approach to ethical relationships for therapists and practitioners. She wrote The Ethics of Caring: Finding Right Relationship with Clients and has been writing and teaching about ethics for three decades.

In ordinary coaching or therapy, it is relatively easy to remember ethical guidelines, codes and laws. Yet when we are sitting for people who are experiencing extra-ordinary states of consciousness, the intensity often requires the additional ethical alertness of self-inquiry.

InnerEthics® Awareness Tools help us gently identify motivations, fears, biases, conflicts of interest, and ethically precarious relational situations before these result in behaviors that might compromise a client’s healing or expansion.

Holotropic Breathwork®

Working with Stanislav Grof, M.D. as a Senior Trainer in the Grof Transpersonal Training throughout the 1990s, Kylea facilitated and observed thousands of extra-ordinary state-of-consciousness sessions. She began her study with Stan and Christina Grof in 1984.

Kylea assisted Grof and Jack Kornfield, Ph.D. in workshops combining Holotropic Breathwork® and Vipassana meditation, and she facilitated Holotropic Breathwork® in residential addiction treatment. She is the author of The Breathwork Experience, Considering Holotropic Breathwork® and the editor of Exploring Holotropic Breathwork®.

InnerEthics® Courses

Kylea has produced a series of pre-recorded InnerEthics® video courses for professionals interested in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy or helping clients to integrate profound experiences. These courses feature a video lecture, InnerEthics® Awareness Tools, reading, case stories, and a Course Materials Booklet. CEs are available. Offered in partnership with Psychedelic Support Education.

Ethical Right Relationship in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy
Ethics 101 | Ethics 102 | Ethics 103

InnerEthics® Training Program

Kylea teaches live InnerEthics® courses to students and staff in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy training programs. Individualized Student Training Programs are available for students who have viewed the Part 1 & Part 2 videos and for students who have viewed these videos and the Peer Consultation Groups video.

Course elements include Q & A (staff-curated questions or cases), Vignette discussions, instruction on InnerEthics® Awareness Tools, conflicts of interest issues, sex and power in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy, and debriefing experiential Peer Consultation Group role-plays, and more.

Live InnerEthics® Training for Staff in Training Programs focuses on how to facilitate InnerEthics® Experiential Groups. This curriculum includes why and how InnerEthics® uses vignette (real case studies) discussions as an educational method, how to set up Peer Consultation Groups as practice break-out group role-plays, and other advanced topics.

Kylea is available to consult on Training Program Design. Courses and materials are available for Licensing or Live Presentations. Download this detailed handout to learn more. Visit the InnerEthics® Consulting page.


Kylea is President of SoulCollage Inc., a company providing training and a global community for Facilitators of the SoulCollage® expressive arts method that is useful for supporting the integration of extra-ordinary experiences. The World of SoulCollage® offers workshops, training, and social engagement in its international, private online community for personal and professional development.

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