Kylea Taylor is a Marriage and Family Therapist, licensed in California (MFC #34901), a Consultant, and the author of The Ethics of Caring.

InnerEthics™ Consulting

Kylea does consulting and teaching related to InnerEthics™ based on her updated and expanded successful 1995 title The Ethics of Caring. The book  won the 2018 Nautilus Book Award (the year following publication) in the category, “Relationships & Communication.”

Kylea’s personal mission is to decrease client harm and increase client benefit by inspiring and educating therapists, teachers, and other care providers to do the compassionate self-reflection process of InnerEthics™, and by offering support through consulting and peer and formal supervision. She envisions a paradigm shift in therapeutic, academic, and medical cultures in which ethical self-reflection has become the norm.


As a therapist, Kylea is particularly interested in helping clients integrate the effects of rapid spiritual development catalyzed by non-ordinary states of consciousness, including integration of the transformational experiences of meditation, spiritual practice, breathwork, hypnosis, spontaneous openings, grief, depression, post-traumatic stress, substance abuse recovery, deep healing work with entheogenic and psychedelic medicines, and energy release phenomena. Kylea’s private therapy practice is based in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California USA, but consultation is available worldwide by Zoom video.

Education & Background

Kylea earned her Master of Science degree from San Jose State University, San Jose, CA in Marriage, Child, and Family Counseling. She started working as a counselor in the addictions recovery field in 1970 and served as the executive director of a community counseling center for sixteen years. She worked at a Santa Cruz residential substance abuse treatment center for 9 years. Her study of kundalini yoga in the 1970s began her enduring interest in the interface between psychological, physical, social, and spiritual aspects of ourselves.

She has extensive personal and professional experience with addiction, post-traumatic stress, dissociation, women’s issues, “spiritual emergence(y)”, and kundalini phenomena. She has an eclectic knowledge of therapeutic systems, such as gestalt, transpersonal, client-centered and various parts-therapy models. She is also practicing and studying Brainspotting, an effective brain/body method of releasing trauma which was adapted from EMDR. Kylea served for two years as the Ethics Chair on the Board of the Santa Cruz California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT).

Holotropic Breathwork® Practitioner, Trainer & Speaker

Kylea Taylor has been a Senior Trainer since 1993 for the Grof Transpersonal  Training which trains practitioners of Holotropic Breathwork®. She began ongoing study in 1984 with Stanislav Grof, M.D., in transpersonal psychology and non-ordinary states of consciousness. Kylea assisted Stanislav Grof over the years at many of his large workshops and has facilitated workshops and presented her ethics model at conferences in the United States and abroad. In 2019 she taught InnerEthics™ in GTT modules in California and Austria (view Events). She has published four books about Holotropic Breathwork® (see below). For 17 years Kylea served on the Board of the former Association of Holotropic Breathwork® International (AHBI) and edited The Inner Door, the Holotropic Breathwork® community newsletter. Kylea no longer facilitates Holotropic Breathwork® sessions, but does offer consultation and assistance with integration of these deep experiences into ordinary life.

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SoulCollage® CEO

Kylea and Seena B. Frost (Founder of SoulCollage®) created the SoulCollage® Facilitator Trainings in 2003. Kylea is  President of SoulCollage Inc. and a SoulCollage® Trainer. In 2019, there are about 4,500 SoulCollage® Facilitators in 49 countries who are trained to share this expressive arts, self-discovery method used individually and in community.

Author & Editor

Kylea is the author of the following books published by Hanford Mead Publishers, Inc.: The Ethics of Caring, The Breathwork Experience, Considering Holotropic Breathwork® and The Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator’s Manual*, and is the editor of Exploring Holotropic Breathwork®. She has also written numerous articles and book chapters for print and online magazines, journals and anthologies.
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Teachers & Mentors

“I am grateful to my many teachers and mentors who have appeared at the intersections in my life with the love and information I needed to find my way forward. I have noted a few of those who have provided important support for my personal journey and my work in the world, along with what I feel was the primary gift or inspiration I received from each of them.”

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