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Rick Archer at Buddha at the Gas Pump interviewed Kylea Taylor about a range of topics related to ethics, paradigm shifts and extraordinary states.  Some topics covered in this 2-hour interview …

  • Ethics in spiritual communities and The Association for Spiritual Integrity
  • Special needs of clients or students in profound states (such as grief or loss or spontaneous spiritual experiences) or induced nonordinary states of consciousness (such as breathwork, meditation, or the therapeutic use of psychedelic medicines)
  • The role of self-reflection and compassion in ethical behavior and the value of peer supervision
  • Distinguishing between a predator who is not interested in self-reflection or in changing his or her behavior and a person who is just unaware of the harm he or she is doing in behaving unethically
  • Accountability, punishment, and/or a path of redemption for abusers
  • The role of power imbalance on the ethical behavior of a “responsible party”
  • Everyday ethics in ordinary relationships
  • Kylea’s personal kundalini opening experience
  • Jung’s Fourth Function and its role in spiritual emergence(y) or personal paradigm shift
  • The #MeToo movement and the evolutionary shift in mainstream culture’s view of unethical behavior and its expectations of honesty, self-reflection, and ethical care from its professionals.

Note: If you are interested in psychedelic therapy you might also want to check out Rick’s interview # 502 on on May 11, 2019. Rick interviewed Michael Pollan, author of How to Change Your Mind and Chris Bache who wrote Dark Night, Early Dawn.