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Exploring Holotropic Breathwork

Exploring Holotropic Breathwork®

Exploring Holotropic Breathwork™, edited by Kylea Taylor, collects 144 field reports from a widespread practice of contemporary, non-drug, altered-state work. These articles were first published from 1991-2002 by 85 authors, trained in Holotropic Breathwork by Stanislav Grof, M.D. Features 600 pp of articles on various aspects of Holotropic Breathwork experience, practice, and theory.

Originally written to share their professional experiences and emerging theories with their peers, this is a rich source of information, not only giving information about the practice of Breathwork and anecdotes of psychological and physical healing in deep states of consciousness, but also discussing traditional therapy, Kundalini, shamanism, addiction and trauma recovery, astrology, and the integration of Breathwork with many other theoretical and practical systems and with ordinary life in general.

The book happily includes a previously unpublished, 21-page article by Stanislav Grof, “Physical Manifestations of Emotional Disorders” in which he concludes that faster breathing creates a biochemical situation in the body that facilitates emergence and resolution of old emotional and physical tensions associated with unresolved psychological and physical traumas.

A 16-page Index and an 18-page annotated Table of Contents facilitate using this book as a reference.

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