Considering Holotropic Breathwork

Considering Holotropic Breathwork®

Articles and essays on various aspects of Holotropic Breathwork™ including multiplicity; addiction; relationship; role of ritual and presence; and the Jungian Functions. Chapter titles as follows:

  • The Ritual of Holotropic Breathwork™: The Healing Potential of Protection, Permission, and Connection for Trauma Recovery
  • Holotropic Breathwork™ as an Adjunct to Substance Abuse Treatment in a Therapeutic Community (with Steve Macy)
  • The Practice of Sitting in Holotropic Breathwork™: What One Learns about Oneself and Relationship while Being with a Breather
  • Jung’s Fourth (Inferior) Function as a Gateway for Non-Ordinary States in Spiritual Emergence and Spiritual Emergency
  • Sponsoring “Unexperienced Experience”
  • Similarities in the Treatment of Spiritual Emergency and Multiplicity
  • Yogic Sleep and Meditation States during Holotropic Breathwork™
  • SoulCollage®: An Art Process to Use with Breathwork

(2008) 170 pp. Softcover; 6×9 inches

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—  Sharanya Naik, Holotropic Breathwork™ Facilitator

” I found myself drawn into each topic [in Considering Holotropic Breathwork®] as if it were new. The reason is Kylea’s mastery of both subject and written expression. She speaks clearly, with the authority of one who really knows, and with the patient generosity of one who really cares…..This would be a great textbook to use in the [Grof Transpersonal] training; it has most of the theory a trainee needs. Ideally, it would be a good book to read just before the final certification module. Of special value are Chapter 7, “Sponsoring ‘Unexperienced Experience,'” and Chapter 8, “The Ritual of Holotropic Breathwork,” which detail the approach and work of the facilitator.

It is also a great book to give to people. For instance, if you were looking for a way to talk to therapeutic communities about why they should try Holotropic Breathwork, Chapter 4, “Holotropic Breathwork Adjunct to Substance Abuse in a Therapeutic Community,” would be ideal. This chapter was the most valuable for me personally. It is a thorough detailing of the issues that come up in such a setting and contains, as well, many anecdotes from participants in therapeutic communities who have done Holotropic Breathwork.”
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