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My First Novel

Atlantis in Time

A Novel

Kylea Taylor

About 12,000 years ago a great sailing empire has ruled durably for hundreds of generations from the central point on a string of large islands set in the ocean between the colonies of the Inland Sea to the East and the land of Eyvinisia to the North and the far colonies in the West.

Catastrophe is foretold. A cataclysm is predicted to come from the sky and to occur in only half a generation’s time. It will change everything.

Atlantis in Time tells the final years of Atlantis through the training of a young priestess to be Oracle and the loves and intrigues of palace and temple. Some in the priesthood receive foreknowledge of events. They make preparations in hopes that at least some of their people, knowledge, and traditions will survive.

Atlantis pre-dates history. More accurately, most of its well-kept history was shattered and drowned, then covered or dissolved by time. Archaeologists piece together broken pots and bones to learn about ancient cultures, but the stones and shards of Atlantis have not yet been found. Its story must be gathered up in bits from ancient mythologies and religions. It must be threaded through the links of similar words in scattered languages. Clues are still to be discovered deep in the oceans and the layers of rocks of this Earth, as well as on other spheres that share our universe.

What clues are found with science and scholarship must be woven back together with story. To find Atlantis in Time, we rely on the vast library where humans have always gone to download truth, entering its doors through  our intuition and shared dreams.


The novel is presently 107,000 words and counting. ~Kylea


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