Seena B. Frost, M.S., M.Div.

Seena B. Frost (1931-2016)

My Studies and Work with Seena B. Frost

I met Seena in 1989 when Jim and I went to a workshop in her home. She was teaching us an interesting collage process where we chose images intuitively and created half-page sized cards. We loved it. I thought this process had all the right ingredients for healing and self-discovery. It was also fun, creatively satisfying, done in community, and gave everyone the opportunity to do non-threatening self-discovery and intimate sharing with others in a way that didn’t require many words. People felt seen! They felt encouraged! They felt permission to be their unique selves and support others in doing that also.

I asked Seena if we could publish her book about this work and she said yes! The book came out in 2001. We advertised it only by word of mouth and on the web, but people everywhere saw something that felt real and beneficial. Seena and I started training SoulCollage® Facilitators together in 2003, and now there are 4000 trained Facilitators in 48 countries. There are authorized SoulCollage® Trainers holding Trainings all over the world. I am simply amazed at how this community has grown and am thrilled to be working with the great people who are attracted to use and share SoulCollage®. Check out the many videos by people who love SoulCollage® posted at YouTube/SoulCollageTV.

There is a memorial video in two parts presented on February 15, 2016, prepared by the SoulCollage® Community who loved her:

Part I:
Part II:

What did I learn from Seena?

Many many things. She was wise, fun, caring, and funny. The thing that stands out the most for me today is something she learned from her mentor many years ago and passed on to us: CHERISH YOUR INTERRUPTIONS! When my best laid plans are foiled by the Fool or other Interrupter archetypes, I really remember this admonition, and find there is always something to accept and learn amid the disruption of my expectations.

Here is her 6-minute video about making SoulCollage® cards!

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  1. What a lovely website. Your tributes to your teachers explain so much about what I sense in you. Clearly, you’ve passed along the teachings you most value from each of them. Thank you for the quality of ethical caring and compassion you bring to Earth and have brought to my life.

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