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Oberto Airaudi (Falco)


Falco founded the Federation of Damanhur, a community which began more than 40 years ago to realize a dream for humankind. Falco wrote for the World Conference for Peace, Harmony and Non-violence, in Alyar, India, August 2002:

Personal advantage generates poverty for others; collective advantage generates shared prosperity. Damanhur came into being and flourished on the basis of this idea, demonstrating that this method works not only in theory but also in practice. Damanhur has grown without any external financial backing, basing its development on its own strengths and above all on the integration of the human resources that make it up. With 30 years of experience, it is ready to teach its method and to exchange ideas, resources and experiences with whoever is interested, whether they be an institution, a group or an individual. Together we can bring about new sustainable societies, based on equal exchange and respect for differences, in order to create true and lasting peace among all the cultures and peoples of the planet. 

The community he has guided and its accomplishments in so many areas of healing, social, spiritual, and artistic research are reflected in the building of the Temples of Humankind. Falco and the people of Damanhur have inspired new benchmarks for what human beings can achieve, if they are working together consciously in community and committed to a collective dream. Falco died June 23, 2013. The international Federation of Damanhur continues.

What Have I learned from Falco?

“Everyone has a battery called courage. What it takes to charge that battery is risk.”

I have learned that magic can happen, and things almost unimaginable can be accomplished, when they can be imagined and when people work together.

I have learned that individual development and thriving does not have to be in conflict with community development and flourishing; that in fact there can be tremendous synergy when both are happening together.

I learned that everything is connected and communicates with everything else in ways magical, mysterious, and healing.

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