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Kylea Taylor’s book The Ethics of Caring: Finding Professional Right Relationship with Clients will be published November 1, 2017. It has been rewritten, reorganized, and expanded by 100+ pages. It is written for students and practicing professionals: therapists, educators, medical professionals, hypnotherapists, bodyworkers, hospice workers, clergy and other professional caregivers.


The basic model is from The Ethics of Caring: Honoring the Web of Life in Our Professional Healing Relationship (see below) which was published in 1995, but this is a new book with a new ISBN: 978-1-59275-008-5. It will also be published in ebook format with the ISBN: 978-1-59275-041-2.

It is not available for purchase until November 1, 2017, but the Table of Contents and Reviews can be viewed
now at:




If you are a teaching an ethics course and are interested in reviewing a desk copy prior to November 1, 2017, please write to info@hanfordmead.com.


Kylea Taylor, MS, MFT and Selene Vega, Ph.D., MFT conduct workshops in self-reflective ethics for caregivers.

Kylea and Selene are both available for radio interviews. Kylea’s latest radio interview was a one-hour show with Dr. Melissa West on “The Ethics of Teaching and Receiving Yoga” on 10/06/10.

Kylea and Selene’s online class, Right Relationship: The Ethics of Caring, is available for purchase and download and qualifies California MFTs and MSWs to receive the required 6 Law and Ethics CEUs.

The Ethics of Caring

Kylea’s first book, The Ethics of Caring, is available for purchase until November 1, 2017. 

Ethics Is About Money, Sex, and Power—- AND Spiritual Longings Too!

Ethical issues pertain to longings, feelings, and motivations which resonate at our very core. Our drives toward (and away from) money, sexuality, power, love, truth, inspiration, and oneness are the most powerful forces in our lives. How can we expect that these drives will not intrude in one way or another into our relationships with clients?




1. Introduction to The Ethical Foundation of Lasavia Healing - Lasavia Healing - March 21, 2018

[…] It also requires a continued personal journey in reflection and spiritual practice. In her book The Ethics of Caring, Kylea Taylor writes: The degree of our willingness to delve into the dark truth of our own […]

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