other work

In addition to my part-time work as a California licensed marriage and family therapist, and with my partner Jim Schofield, I manage two companies:

A publishing company Hanford Mead Publishers, Inc., which publishes primarily SoulCollage® materials and other books and CDs.

SoulCollage Inc., an organization which trains SoulCollage® Facilitators to use and share the expressive arts method, SoulCollage®. Since 2003 it has supported the growing international community which in 2020 numbers more than 4500 trained Facilitators in 50 countries. It’s online community of SoulCollagers and SoulCollage® Facilitators and Trainers is at World of SoulCollage®

I have written the book Ethics of Caring: Finding Right Relationship with Clients and I do ad hoc consultations related to ethics or management. I teach InnerEthics™.  I do occasional workshops for therapists and practitioners with Dr. Selene Vega.

See also list of presentations.